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  Original Montana Colors  

Montana Colors History Part 1 (video Youtube)


Montana Colors History Part 2 (video Youtube)



Original product from BARSELONA


Actually a name should be enough to identify a product. Anyway, up until today, originality is not in fashion and everybody tries to get the maximum profit with the minimum effort. At the moment falsifications of our products are still available in the market, so we want to advise you to always check on the bottom of every can, our NAME and ADDRESS in SPAIN. This data, together with the graphic element beside, differentiate Original Montana Colors spray cans from fakes, which don’t offer the same quality.


After the plagiarism attempt we suffered in 2000, we also patented and started using MTN name on our products, hopefully we can use exclusively our name soon.


Well, it’s better to be copied than to need to copy someone else!


“Montana Colors” - The begininings


Montana Colors adventure started in 1994 and keeps going on today, even after the adversities suffered thru the years.

Back in the day, 1993, Jordi Rubio, a young sales manager from Felton Spray Co., doing marketing research, discovers in Barcelona, a top seller of Felton Spray. The results of that shop were incomparable with other customers of the brand.


Visiting that business, to understand the reason of such great success, Jordi crashes in a new and captivating phenomenon. Moockie, the shop employee, is a respected Graffiti Writer. His passion, shared with other friends like Kapi, another famous writer from Barcelona, is the reason of such a great flow of young people to the shop. Graffiti is moving a lot of writers to a simple hardware shop, increasing dramatically its sales.

Jordi, as young as Kapi and Moockie, immediately feels and understands the passion which moves these guys. A new project illuminates his mind, developing a spray can for Graffiti writers. Jordi proposes his idea to Felton, but the Company doesn’t agree. Back in those days, Graffiti was just vandalism from the point of view of every American or European Paint Producer. It was not interesting because it was thought not profitable.

Strongly motivated by his idea, Jordi quits his work at Felton.

Together with his workmate Miquel Galea, he establishes, in 1994, Montana Colors.


The target is clearly to produce a spray can, strictly designed for every Graffiti writers’ needs. Basically top quality paint, a good range of colors and a low price for the final customer.

Mixing up Jordi and Miquels chemist knowledge and all the experience offered by Kapi and Moockie , Montana Colors rises with the first spray can for Graffiti Writers, a 200ml can in 60 colors. The characteristics were the ones which every writer dreamed about, clean lines, good pressure, excellent coverage and a very affordable price.


“Aerosol Art Festival”, organized by Kapi and Moockie during 1994 in Barcelona, was the perfect stage for introducing Montana Colors spray cans. Next stop was starting sales in Game Over Shop (now Bunker Shop Barcelona), the first Graffiti Shop ever. Rumors about a special paint crossed all Europe and writers started coming over from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland just for filling their vans and going back to their countries with Montana’s.

Originally born for Barcelona market needs, the small company starts to grow to satisfy big demand from everywhere.

In 1995 Montana Colors introduces a new 400ml can and starts distributing in several European Countries. The success of the original idea was clear, sales were dramatically growing but it followed a strong need for improvement and innovation.


With this target, in 1996, Jordi designs a new spray and introduces it in Game Over Shop. While Moockie is testing the can, Kapi, deeply impressed, exclaims: “Wow, it’s hardcore!!!”. His reaction was so natural that it was no discussion about the name for the new spray can, Montana Hardcore! Since 1996 up today, basically “the spray”, Hardcore is a 400ml can, with a powerful and fast valve, a glossy color range and a still incomparable coverage.

We proudly can say Hardcore represented the greatest change in the way of painting Graffiti.

In 1997 Montana Colors forges and patents the Donut, a special colored ring that encircles the valve and identifies spray paint color. Up until today it’s probably the idea which competitors have copied the most.


Two problems


It seems a happy end story but between 1999 and 2002, two big troubles are on the way, threatening Montana’s existence.

In 2000, a German major company made an offer to buy Montana. The offer was refused and it followed a campaign, which we consider not loyal, against our company. We suffered the consequences of big unpaid left by some of our clients who switched to the competitor. We had to defend our right to use our name in several trials. We found a bunch of faked copies of our Hardcore cans, in some European country. Last, but not least, we were slanderously blamed to use dangerous substances in our paint, in a famous, but maybe not independent, magazine.

In our opinion, no major company has any interest in Graffiti, except the business side and the monopolistic control of the market. We are proud to keep defending Graffiti with our original name, Montana Colors!


In the middle of that trouble, another really bad fact struck Montana. June 2002 … A static electric accident causes a scary fire that destroys our factory in Vacarisses. Fortunately we had no victims, but with no production and no money, because the high costs of lawyers and trials we had to suffer for defending our name, we were so close to disappear.


It’s hard to keep going when you have no factory and a big company to face with, in several trials. During those sad moments we felt so strong the support of our people. Directors, employee’s, customers, friends, writers from everywhere, everybody made their best attempt at keeping Montana alive.


It was a really hard time, we lost so many things, but we also felt that both the fire and the competitor pulled out something we didn’t need, fake friends and dangerous people.


Montana today


In Spain we say that when something can’t kill you, it makes you stronger. This is, at least, our experience.


After the fire, we were able to reorganize quickly our production, with our distributors and writers support, so today, proudly, Montana is still the reference company in aerosol technology applied to Graffiti.


Loyal to our principles, from 1994, we keep investing our energies in development, quality, people and environment. Full respect. We keep manufacturing paint. To keep our quality, for the same reason, we produce exclusively in Barcelona.


We don’t feel just like part of a business, we feel ourselves as part of the Graffiti Movement, we grew up with it.


We are not a multinational company, we are not machines, we are people with a passion for what we do everyday.

We are the Original Montana Colors.



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